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  Solid Cast Casing Centralisers



General Description

  • Paramode solid cast casing and tubing centraliser are designed to afford maximum positive standoff within the annulus to aid primary cementation.
  • Centralisers are engineered to provide minimum resistance during casing running, rotating and reciprocating operations.
  • Straight and spiral bladed variants are available to suit operational requirements.


  • Solid casing and tubing centralisers comprising a one piece casting.
  • Configured with either 4 or 6 radial straight or spiral blades.
  • One piece slip on design affords maximum strength and high standoff with no exposed components to hang up during installation.
  • Engineered to aid cementation with adequately sized flow by areas.
  • External profile designed to minimise resistance to both axial and rotational movement.


  • Axial location of the centraliser on the tubular is provided by separate stop collars.
  • Stop Collars preferred for the spiral bladed variants as they permit the centraliser to rotate and aid tubular running operations.
  • Alternative methods include locking screws either carbon or stainless steel to secure in position.


  • All popular cardinal tubular sizes available in varying lengths.
  • Non standard sizes can be readily accommodated at very short lead times.


  • Specially engineered variants available such as close tolerance or clamp on type.
  • Centralisers with specific features including provision for control line location, etc. are available for particular applications.
  • Involve us at the design stage where your special requirement maybe one of our standard products.

Material - All standard sizes are available in alternative materials of:

  • Aluminium Alloy.
  • Leaded Bronze.
  • Speriodal Graphite Cast Iron to special order only.
  • Material selection is dependant upon required operating parameters.
  • Aluminium types have a proven track record being the industry standard for many years producing excellent results on many wells in all operational theatres.
  • Bronze can be used to minimise the risk of bimetallic corrosion between centraliser and tubular in extreme conditions.
  • Bronze offers improvements in both mechanical strength and enhanced bearing capabilities with benefit of reduced friction characteristics.
  • Spheriodal graphite cast iron can be used for high strength applications.


  • Centralisers are normally supplied as cast with a shot blast surface finish to remove scale and discontinuities to enhance bearing properties.
  • Spheriodal graphite cast iron centralisers can be supplied hot dip galvanised or flame sprayed aluminium or zinc.
  • Epoxy coal-tar and zinc rich primer finishes are also available. * Alternatively centralisers can be painted to suit customer requirements.


  • Size clearly marked on each centraliser.

Quality Control

  • Full documentation package supplied as standard with each order.


  • Paramode has designed centralisers and downhole accessory products for many years.
  • We have an extensive register of designs covering most sizes of tubing, casing and riser.
  • Our vast knowledge and expertise in this field allows us to react quickly to technical queries and provide recommendations without delay.

For further information contact us at info@paramode.co.uk







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