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  Fabricated Centralisers



General Description

  • Paramode Fabricated Centralisers are of Heavy-Duty design and construction offering exceptional performance in the field.
  • Typical applications include: Riser through Guides - Open Hole - Casing Inside Casing


  • Centralisers are engineered for heavy duty application.
  • Configured with either 6 or 8 radial straight blades.
  • One piece slip on type or alternatively split wrap around design.
  • Clamp on type available for positive location.
  • Specially engineered over coupling designs to suit most applications.
  • Split design allows centralisers to be installed during any phase of the operation.
  • Clamp on type affords good axial loading capabilities being able to be fitted to coated pipe and risers with minimum damage to surface coatings.
  • Length of the centraliser can be engineered to suit the riser guide where appropriate.
  • Profiled blades to ensure minimum risk of hang up during installation.


  • Split centralisers are fitted with stainless steel fasteners to join the segments together.
  • Other locking arrangements are available to meet individual requirements.
  • Clamp on variants require torque tensioning of the fasteners to achieve rated performance figures.


  • All types and sizes 9 5/8" through 36" available.


  • Centralisers can incorporate the following options:-
  • Sacrificial Anodes to reduce corrosion.
  • Elastomeric Buffers to aid reduction of noise and vibration.
  • Adjustable Blades to allow for misalignment of riser template.
  • Hinged split design to aid assembly.

Quality Control

  • Full documentation and traceability available on request.


  • Centralisers shot-blasted and Zinc-rich epoxy primed as standard.
  • Alternative finishes include various paints: hot dip galvanised to BS729, table 1, flame-sprayed aluminium or zinc, black epoxy coal-tar finishes, or customer specification.


  • Paramode has designed and built centralisers and downhole accessory products for many years.
  • Comprehensive register of designs available covering most sizes of tubing, casing and riser.
  • Our considerable experience in this field allows us to react quickly to technical queries and provide recommendations without delay.

For further information contact us at info@paramode.co.uk







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